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What is Blackmind? For what is that website? Guys, a few years ago I met Nana, an awesome guy from Tema. You don’t know where Tema is? It is a City in Ghana, close to Accra. Haven’t heard about it before but I went there and guys .. I discovered a new world, totally different from what we europeans can imagine. Check the blog and read about my experience I made. Today I am proud godfather of the two wonderful Children of my friend Nana and I got insight to the life of Nana, his family and friends. They showed me what Blackmind means. It is not about the color of your skin, it is a mindset! It is about music, creativity and life but also about all the struggles you have to face with day by day in an environment without the comfortable infrastructure we know form our wealthy countries in Europe. It is about dealing with the challenge of surviving day by day without loosing hope for a better time but anyway living happiness and joy each day the sun raises. Those guys showed to me what it means to reinvent yourself day by day and never giving up – No Matter What!

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